Activities we offer

Kayak Fishing

Come Kayak fishing with us at one of our many fishing locations located in Southern Plaquemines Parish. We fish year round and have 12 kayaks available for rent.

Price per Guide: $150 for up to 4 anglers.

Price per Kayak: $65 for rentals.  or bring your own (no charge)

Guided Fishing Charter

From boat, kayak, or both at the same time! Have a one of our guides take care of you and lead you out to our best fishing spots.

With our Mother-ship style kayak adventure, we can can load your kayak up on our pontoon and ride out to where the fish are. Once we arrive you are free to come back and forth as you please, stopping for occasional breaks, dropping a load of fish off, getting more drinks, and lunch.

Fish from Boat:  1-2 persons for $650 + $100 per each additional person. (4 max.)

Mother-Ship Kayak Fishing: 1-6 persons for $900


Eco and Historic Tours

Paddle through the bayous of southern Louisianan, view beautiful cypress trees, wild life and historic land marks like Fort St. Phillips. (A fort used in the Battle of New Orleans). see Alligators, Rosy Spoonbills, other species of birds, marshes, cypress trees and more!

TOUR: $100 for the Guide + Kayak Rental ($55ea) or bring your own

EXTREME Kayak Fishing

Go offshore and hook some monster fish that will tow you faster than you can paddle!

A few miles of shore, live hungry over-sized fish that hunt around oil rigs. If your up to a good fight we will load your kayak on our boat, take you out, and let you have at it with one of these monsters.

CALL FOR PRICING: Brian- 504-419-5645  Nolan- 504-575-1886



For more information or booking Contact us @

Cpt. Brian: 504-419-5645


Cpt. Nolan: 504-575-1886